‘The George’ was originally built by Robert Moss, the owner and editor of the Mountaineer Newspaper in 1891 and named ‘The Pines’.

It promptly burnt down and Robert was forced to rebuild the following year in 1892. We will be celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2017.

The Guesthouse was built on part of the original Blackheath Convict Stockade of the 1840s.

Robert leased it to various guesthouse operators including Mrs Shiels, Mrs Stratton and Miss Fennell. After World War 1 Frank Hannell managed the property, then followed by The Railways Department who used it to accommodate staff in transit and those working on the electrification of the lines.

The Baptist Church purchased the property in the 1950s to use as holiday accommodation for members of the church and their families. Eventually the Parsons bought it in the 1980s and calling it ‘St Mounts’ as fond memories of their English heritage.

Renamed ‘The George’ and ‘Blue Jax Restaurant’ it is now owned, managed and treasured by the Geraghty Family who are pleased to be custodians of this beautiful example of a late Victorian Guesthouse.

the mountainer